Hermes 89 Noir Togo Kelly 28cm – Hfamous

H · FAMOUS company was established in 2006, to now has 10 years of history. Our company only produces the best quality Kelly, Birkin, Constance. We share leather suppliers with Hermes, all handbags are hand-stitched by first-class artisans 100%, crafted from France.

So we can be ahead of the market in the whole market. Many of the top producers and sellers are selling our products.

We guarantee that our handbags and products are the best in the whole market. If you are interested can contact us directly, no brokers, we do retail and wholesale.

This bag is 89 Noir Togo Kelly 28cm Silver Hardware,the bag is come from 

Hermes 89 Noir Togo Kelly 28cm Silver Hardware hfamous

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